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The Appeals Agency, established through a transparent process

2017.10.11 Economie Victor Ursu Print version

After more than a year, the National Agency for the Settlement of Claims (ANSC) in public procurement is functional and the economic agents may file appeals. The institution aims to prevent unfair competition and to stimulate procurement procedures. This is the opinion expressed by the IDIS Viitorul economist, Diana Enachi, in the show "15 minutes of economic realism".

Although it has become operational since September this year, the process of setting up the ANSC has been non-transparent and public participation in the hearings for candidates has been restricted.

The IDIS economist, Viitorul, claims that after the signing of the Association Agreement, the Republic of Moldova has assumed a number of commitments, including the reform of the public procurement system. One of the obligations assumed is directly linked to the creation of an effective redress system for the award of public procurement contracts by creating an impartial and independent body responsible for examining and resolving the complaints submitted by economic agents in the procurement procedures to which they have participated. According to the legal provisions, any person who has or has had an interest in obtaining a public procurement contract and considers that in the public procurement procedures an act of the contracting authority has violated a right recognized by law, as a result of which it has suffered or may incur damage.

"What economic agents and civil society need to know is the public character of appeals review sessions, and any person can participate and ANSC is obliged to publish the date and venue of these meetings at least 3 days until the date on which will take place", concluded Diana Enachi.

The show is made by IDIS Viitorul in partnership with Radio Free Europe.

For more details, contact the Public Relations Coordinator IDIS Viitorul, Victor URSU at or call 069017396.

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