Regional policy

Regional policy

Regional development policy is a relatively recent regulatory and implementation in Moldova. Study aims an analysis of regional development, in particular to highlight the key indicators of a regional perspective.

  • Regional development in Moldova
    Year: 2005 Author: Igor Munteanu
    Region derives from the Latin word region "Reger" which means "to lead". Western meaning of the concept of "region" suggesting a functional entities related to governmental and nongovernmental efforts to see national development through social policies more efficient.
  • Moldova: between democracy and demagoguery regional
    Year: 2006 Author: Igor Munteanu
    Until December 1998, Moldova could not talk seriously about regional development stricto senso, as the former territorial entities - districts Soviet as administrative units of the two, were too small to be considered as regions true and, even in functional terms they did not aspire to own functions to the regions, fulfilling some utility tasks entrusted to them as concentrated decision-making centers from various ramifications of the single party system ...
  • Investment opportunities in Ungheni
    Year: 2006 Author: Viorel Chivriga, Timur Onica, Sergiu Scutaru, Sergiu Cladco
    Due to geographical location, Moldova has a number of comparative advantages in relation to countries in the region - specific traditions both East and West, the future status of the country bordering the European Union and favorable conditions for market access in the EU...
  • The effects of decentralization: the role of representative government administrative units
    Year: 2008 Author: Victor Popa
    This is normal and undeniable that, in any society, the search and implementation of a modern public administration is an objective necessity, especially in countries that have embarked on a transition from a closed society to an open society based on pluralist democracy ...
  • Mechanisms for consultation and dialogue between the Government and local authorities
    Year: 2009 Author: Ion Beschieru
    After the collapse of the Soviet bloc in the early 90s of last century, the concept of "multilevel governance" becomes a model that enjoys recognition increasingly higher post-Soviet space. Earlier in 1985, the European community has held that "the exercise of public responsibilities should a general manner, preferably to return those authorities which are closest to the citizens' ...
  • Assessing attitudes, capacities and needs of the Moldovan authorities in the context of European integration processes
    Year: 2011 Author: Mircea Bordeianu, Olesea Cruc, Ion Osoian
    In 2010, Moldova (RM) launched negotiations with the EU on signing an Association Agreement. This involves a complex process of adjustment of technical and strategic level administrative bodies and government policy and its agencies subsidiaries, seeks to create a compatibility between laws and practice on the one hand and the acquis communautaire of the EU, on the other hand...
  • Opportunities for investment in Gagauzia
    Year: 2008 Author: Liubomir Chiriac, Igor Munteanu, Mihail Shalvir, Vlad Catlabuga, Veaceslav Ioniță
    Understanding local advantages and priorities to follow in order to achieve regional prosperity and welfare is of utmost role. Even more important is however to mobilize the population, business and local governments to support and internalize the necessary changes, as they are refl ected in a genuine Strategy of Regional Development. Capacity building and fi rm leadership are certainly two of the key-words to implement sustained economic growth, attract critical investments to the critical infrastructure and productive areas of the region...
  • Strategy of socio-economic development of Gagauzia
    Year: 2009 Author: IDIS Viitorul
    The Strategy of Social and Economic Development of the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia (ATUG) for 2009-2015 years was elaborated within the framework of the project ‘Local Economic Development through Techniques and Alliances’ (DELTA - Moldova). The elaboration process lasted for over 6 months, including time period of consultations with various local and regional stakeholders, international and national participantspartners, who have also accepted to cooperate, aiming at assisting regional authorities to develop and implement effective and adequate tools for economic growth…
  • Regional disparities in Moldova
    Year: 2016 Author: Iurie Gotișan
    Concept development of the region is actually a European idea, one of the fundamental principles of EU functioning and a condition of administrative reform in the Member States, candidate and associated thereof. The "region" has drawn some clearly defined boundaries, being presented in various ways over time.
  • Regional development policy: achievements and perspectives
    Year: 2016 Author: Veaceslav Berbeca
    Regional development policy is a relatively recent regulatory and implementation in Moldova. Law no. 438 of 28.12.20061's defining achievement lays the foundations of this policy. However, the deadline for implementation, highlight 2009 as an important step in the initiation and promotion of regional development policy in Moldova when he began creating institutional system and adoption of the secondary legislation

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