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  • "I have recently participated in Open Contracting Community Call: COVID19 & Emergency Response procurement, where 150 procurement practitioners from countries around the world talked about promising approaches they’re seeing for keeping procurement fast, ......" learn more>

    Diana Enachi

  • "..." learn more>

    Diana Enachi


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Empowering Change Makers: EU4Dialogue hosts third edition of International Forum

"A total of 23 inspiring young individuals from the South Caucasus and Moldova, including from the conflict affected regions, convened in the third edition of the Change Makers Forum organised by the EU-funded Project EU4Dialogue. The Forum took place in Finland, from 26 April to 1 May 2024, and focused on contributing to desirable changes in the participants’ communities, and on designing and executing engaging and targeted communication to enhance the impact of Change Makers’ community actions. Key focus was also to provide a safe space for dialogue and sharing of experiences. ..." learn more>

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  • IDIS ”Viitorul” - 30 years of democratic initiatives and successful ideas
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IDIS is a multi-issue think tank, working through a web of professional clusters. Our approach to the idea of think tanks role in Moldova is to achieve professional credibility in the areas of national security, welfare, foreign policy, sustainable development, and competitiveness, fairness, working both with decision-makers, academia, and young leaders, creating real alternatives in all aspects of policy-making. IDIS cares to boost advocacy platforms; it networks with various professional groups, unions, business associations, innovators, educators, and other entities, in a number of areas where national interests and cohesion can be achieved in togetherness.