• Apr 04
    Pillar 2 pension fund - the source of capitalization of economy
    Apr 04

    Pillar 2 pension fund - the source of capitalization of economy
    15:00 IDIS Viitorul, 2nd floor, Jacob Hîncu str. 10/1

    IDIS "Viitorul" and Radio Free Europe announces new economic program. Tuesday, on 4 April expert IDIS Viitorul, Segiu Gaibu will talk about "Pillar 2 pension fund - the source of capitalization of the economy."

    Guest will answer the following questions:

    1. shortcomings

    2. Bismarck system vs Anglo-Saxon system (Beveridge)

    3. practices similar success

    The discussions taking place within economic debates "15-minute economic realism", submitted online in partnership with the Chisinau office of Radio Free Europe. These can be tracked on the website -

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