IDIS Viitorul provides energy consulting that is an area of ​​energy policy, competitiveness, sectoral analysis, globalization and structural policies. Energy business is crucial for the modern societies. It is also a key for small economies like Moldova. Changing former system dependencies and building up new avenues for the future interconnections demand dedicated work and expertise. IDIS team of experts own expertise in the regulatory and engineering capabilities. Our professional services range from conducting state-of-art feasibility studies through to turnkey packages. Our capabilities span various aspects of electrical, control, communications and power generation with a confident and professional team of experts.

Energy efficiency (street lighting)

IDIS Viitorul provides assistance in the field of energy efficiency and street lighting in rural areas of Moldova and to improve the knowledge and guidance of LPAs in the direction and organization of the street lighting service in the rural areas of the Republic of Moldova. Energy efficiency is a key component to ensuring a safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy system for the future. Our experts have delivered in the past various kinds of technical assistance services to our customers in the municipal and regional governments. We have necessary knowledge on the regulatory aspects of the energy field, as well as in the business management of energy-related entities. IDIS supports the ideas of creating smart-city networks, combined with green-energy parks. Green energy is the energy resource that every country possesses in abundance and is the quickest and least costly way of addressing energy security, environmental and economic challenges. IDIS goal is to support adaptation of the public and private entities in Moldova to the new forms of energy consumption, to adopt and stick to multi-annual recovery plans and meet regulatory mandates in the energy area in a cost-effective and socially-responsible manner.

Regulatory framework

IDIS Viitorul provides regulatory advice. The institution has developed a position paper on heat energy tariffs, but also a study aimed at the passive representation of consumers in ANRE decision-making.

Biomass and renewable energy

IDIS Viitorul provides consultancy on renewable energy and biomass and conducting training programs for municipal leaders and operators on the use of biomass energy. Renewable energy technologies utilising natural resources range from solar power, wind power, and hydroelectricity, to biomass and biofuels. Projects range from wind farms, biomass and groundwater solutions to geothermal, solar and tidal options. Within each of these categories our capabilities, experience and track record are extensive. Our contribution ranges from helping national governments devise strategies for renewable energy exploitation to project managing delivery of biomass power stations. IDIS consultants provide a wide array of advisory services that address strategic, reputational, financial, regulatory and legal needs of our clients. We have extensive experience in addressing conflicting regulatory frameworks, energy policy, power industry restructuring, pervasive contractual disputes and litigation. In addition, we furnish strategic communications services across all the disciplines, from capital markets to investor relations.

Energy system and national and regional market components

IDIS Viitorul provides energy assistance and market components. The institution has experience in the field by analyzing the petroleum market in the Republic of Moldova, the electricity and natural gas market. IDIS is able to provide our partners with services ranging from market studies, project development, project management and others. IDIS experience team offers several aspects of project management spectrum, including general project planning efforts, sourcing of vendors and their relationships, all the way through project implementation.

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