Social policies

Social policies

From the social perspective, the process of analysis and policymaking focus is on issues of social protection and inclusion, community integration, education and health, aging inclusive, migration / mobility of the workforce, reduce inequality and eradicate poverty.


  • Structural reform of education: between commitments, opportunities and constraints
    Year: 2007 Author: Sergiu Lipcean
    The structural reform of education, particularly on the pre-university education dimension, spurred the spirits within the AEI 2. The main protagonists of the conflict on this issue PDM and LDPM were engaged in exchanges of mutual replies and accusations on various aspects of the educational reform in - a rather complicated post-electoral context for the alliance ...
  • How to communicate effectively in order to be heard, hear, accept
    Year: 2007 Author: IDIS Viitorul
    Today, everyone is communicating. A compliant organization now has a number of strategies - including a communication strategy. An organization that has troubles says it has "a communication problem" ...
  • KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT. A useful manual for practitioners of social innovation communities
    Year: 2007 Author: Igor Munteanu, Veaceslav Ioniță
    In an overcrowded century of news and new data, we have become more and more preoccupied with the way we manage the information. It is natural to wonder whether this increased concern over the last decade about how we manage to manage access to new knowledge in society is truly an objective condition of development or a fleeting fashion ...
  • The family in transition and public policy response to changing values and social structures in Moldova
    Year: 2008 Author: IDIS Viitorul
    The pressures exerted by the economic and social transition that the RM is going through after the collapse of the USSR deeply affect the structure, behavior and evolution of the family as the basic social unity of society. Representing the most relevant unit to measure the relationship between the individual and the community, the family continuously transmits data, information and opinions about the social environment in which the individual is found ...
  • Policy brief: Financing pre-university education
    Year: 2008 Author: IDIS Viitorul
    The Republic of Moldova may have experienced the most dramatic transition since 1991, compared to other ex-Soviet republics. Social inequalities have increased rapidly as the transition to the market economy and the constitution of the new state. The economic downturn and the loss of the most industrialized part of the republic after the 1992 conflict led to a rapid decline in GDP.
  • Pre-school education in Moldova in terms of inclusion and social equity
    Year: 2008 Author: Natalia Vlădicescu
    The issue of access to early education persists in our society, being conditioned by both objective and subjective factors. Although in recent years the share of children attending the kindergarten has increased from 96.5 thousand in 2001 to 116.2 thousand in 2006, and during this period the number of available places in preschool institutions has increased by 14 thousand, yet a significant number of children Remain outside the pre-school education process, the enrollment rate in pre-school institutions being 70.1% ...
  • Migration Trends and Policies in the Black Sea region: cases of Moldova, Romania and Ukraine
    Year: 2009 Author: Institute of Public Policies, Bucharest
    Migration, whether legal or illegal, is one of the main challenges of security, stability and economic development of the Black Sea Region. Factors such as unresolved ethnic and territorial conflicts, border insecurity, weak democratic institutions and poverty, create conditions for uncontrolled migration from or through the region to Western Europe. Although the last round of EU enlargement has catalyzed the process of institutionalizing regional cooperation in migration policy, Black Sea countries continue to address migration issues separately ...
  • The impact of central government policies on the university system in Moldova
    Year: 2009 Author: Valeriu Sainsus
    Aging is an inevitable event of life. The demographic structure of the world's population is undergoing radical changes, increasing the number of elderly people, and this shows that the demographic transition period that characterizes the 20th century is fast moving towards a 21st century aging world population.
  • Study on System of Social Protection and Social Inclusion in Moldova
    Year: 2010 Author: IDIS Viitorul
    The purpose of this report is to highlight the most important developments and characteristics of the social protection and health system in the Republic of Moldova, especially by analyzing the impact of public policies on vulnerable and marginalized populations. The report presents a brief description of trends in the macroeconomic, fiscal, demographic, education and labor market and makes a thorough analysis of the system of social protection, poverty, the pension system and health care ...
  • Vocational education at a crossroads: an analysis of policy decisions in the specialized education system in Moldova
    Year: 2010 Author: Sergiu Lipcean
    Vocational education in the Republic of Moldova is in a deep crisis. This crisis is demonstrated by the trajectory traveled by the professional training system that has drifted over the last 20 years. This situation is valid for both secondary vocational education (SPS) and specialized secondary education
  • Moldova historic preservation of cultural heritage, a challenge of modernity
    Year: 2011 Author: Ion Ștefăniță
    Since the proclamation of independence (1991), the Republic of Moldova has made efforts to develop a democratic society and to build a legal framework based on its aspirations, including in the field of cultural heritage protection ...
  • Social tensions after registration of the Islamic League in Moldova. Time for a deep debate over law on religious groups?
    Year: 2011 Author: Ghenadie Mocanu
    On March 14, 2011, the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova registered the Islamic League as a religious cult that brings together several Muslim associations. An action that disliked the representatives of the Orthodox Church, majority worship in Moldova ...
  • Geopolitics of Orthodoxy and church-state relations in Moldova
    Year: 2011 Author: Eduard Țugui
    Priests in the first temples organized the Neolithic communities and facilitated the articulation of the first Mesopotamian ancient city-states and empires. Religion and the State formed together a single superhuman power, and with the expansion of civilization in the Eurasian area, this mixed formula of sacred and profane extended the cohesion of ancient societies ...
  • The compatibility between employment status and role of women breast
    Year: 2013 Author: Olga Gagauz, Mariana Buciucianu-Vrabie
    The current demographic situation of the Republic of Moldova is characterized by negative tendencies, the main problem being the continuous decrease of the population and its demographic aging. Demographic research shows that the main cause of the demographic decline is the sudden decline in birth rates since 1990.
  • Baccalaureate epopee: in seeking an impossible solution
    Year: 2013 Author: Sergiu Lipcean
    This year's baccalaureate examinations are announced to be a subject of major public interest that has already triggered various reactions from several stakeholders, who are placed on the side of the barricade ...
  • NGOs in Moldova: evolution, development activities and development prospects, development activities and outlook
    Year: 2013 Author: IDIS Viitorul
    The Republic of Moldova knows, together with the entire humanity, one of the great transformations given to a society through their history. The international community and each state have two major problems in the decade to come - international security architecture and the return of the world economy to sustainable growth - which will largely determine the global development paradigm of the 21st century.
  • The process of structural reform of university education: results, problems, perspectives
    Year: 2014 Author: Veaceslav Berbeca
    Structural reform in education, which provides for the optimization of pre-university and pre-primary education institutions, is already in the third year of implementation. Being a process that involves substantial social costs, the subject of optimization has raised controversies and conflicts in Moldovan society ...
  • Social reforms in Moldova: a particular case - pension reform
    Year: 2014 Author: Cornel Ciurea
    The reforms promoted in the Republic of Moldova in 2009-2013 are of a different nature and pursue distinct ends. The most visible and publicized reforms - such as those in the field of education and justice - are not necessarily the most important since they fail to fundamentally alter the hidden and informal structures that make sense to social life ...
  • Russia's new migration policy and its political impact on the Republic of Moldova
    Year: 2014 Author: Marian Cepoi
    At present, it is estimated that over 11 million foreign citizens are in Russia. Of them, only 1.8 million have work permits or permits. Another part came to study, treatment or for tourism purposes. There are 3.6 million citizens who form the so-called risk group.
  • Moldovan society informing about the European integration process: between actions and handling delayed
    Year: 2014 Author: Marian Cepoi
    The need to draw up a comprehensive study on this issue arose with the initialling of the Association Agreement, which meant that the bilateral relations between our country and the European Union are moving into a much more advanced and complex stage. With the implementation of the Association Agreement, the European integration process will directly influence the entire society, every citizen. Right after signing, the business environment, farmers will have to know about the functioning of the free trade area with the EU. And those who want to travel without visas to the Schengen area need technical information.
  • Synthesis Report of the Public Hearing "To what extent the Moldovan educational system meets the needs of manpower companies?
    Year: 2014 Author: National Business Agenda
    Educational institutions are not well aware of the real situation, changes, needs and demands of the labor market (or do not take measures to match the supply of staff with market demand). There is a "rigidity" of the educational system, which fails to adapt quickly to changes in the labor market and the requirements of companies. For this reason, the educational system is often "broken" by the real needs of the economy and fails to quickly adapt education curricula with the technical and technological changes in the economy ...
  • European Integration Index 2014
    Year: 2014 Author: IDIS Viitorul
    The EU should make the difference in the eastern partner countries, and provide support to Ukraine ...
  • Civil Society Organizations in Moldova: development, sustainability and participation in political dialogue
    Year: 2015 Author: IDIS Viitorul
    The present study evaluates the civil society organizations active in the field of the environment in the Republic of Moldova, identifies the key actors, examines the potential to elaborate, influence and monitor the national and regional policies, evaluates the capacity to hold a political dialogue with the central and local authorities
  • Impact of employment policies of labor on the labor market situation in Moldova
    Year: 2015 Author: Dorin Vaculovschi
    For two decades and more, since the Republic of Moldova has embarked on the difficult and sinuous road of establishing an independent economy based on economic market relations, the issue of employment is at the center of decision makers' attention ...
  • The study policies to reduce poverty in Moldova
    Year: 2015 Author: Mariana Iațco
    The phenomenon of poverty is an important concern for many governments and continues to affect a significant percentage of the population at global level. Over the last decades, the issue of poverty remains on the agenda of many governments, despite economic and technical-informational development ...
  • Solutions for sustainable funding of the health system in Moldova
    Year: 2015 Author: Mariana Iațco
    The purpose of this study is to contribute to the improvement of health financing policies of the Republic of Moldova by promoting and supporting the efficiency in the health system. The aim of the study is to present, in a synthesis paper, viable solutions for financing the health system ...
  • Indexation of pensions - subtleties system or economic abuse of state!?
    Year: 2015 Author: Valeriu Sainsus
    The broad use of the notion of public opinion abounds in distorted applications, with numerous substitutions and appeals to this phrase as a fence to invoke the incontestability of an idea by giving it the status of everyone /
  • CBS AXA: Citizens' perception of social status
    Year: 2015 Author: Vasile Cantarji, Ion Jigău
    The broad use of the notion of public opinion abounds in distorted applications, with numerous substitutions and appeals to this phrase as a fence to invoke the incontestability of an idea by giving it the status of everyone.
  • Social Monitor, nr. 2
    Year: 2008 Author: Viorica Antonov
    This survey reflects the interest of IDIS Viitorul in assessing family life and its institutionalized forms, the system of cultural values and customs, the precept of social policies ...
  • Social Monitor. Trends and anticipated changes to social expectations in 2009. Nr.3
    Year: 2008 Author: IDIS Viitorul
    This survey reflects the interest of IDIS Viitorul in assessing the dynamics of social, economic and social choices on the eve of the 2009 election campaign. His goal is to contribute to creating a better understanding of the development of a democratic, open and pluralistic society in the RM, Publicizing its results, encouraging critical reflection and full ownership of social, economic and national diversity ...
  • Social Monitor, nr. 1
    Year: 2009 Author: Petru Negură, Tatina Solonari, Olsea Cruc
    Between secondary and tertiary education, specialized secondary education (represented by colleagues, currently 46 in the Republic of Moldova) is in a functional deadlock, accompanied by an identity and legitimacy crisis ...
  • Pensioners protection: priorities and current debates
    Year: 2010 Author: Viorica Antonov, Tatiana Solonari, Olesea Cruc
    The topic of pensioners is not a simple treatment of the deplorable economic situation and almost infernal living conditions for most older people, but also the analysis of a compound system of variables that interact with each other ...
  • Brain drain: challenges, consequences, ways of action
    Year: 2010 Author: Olesea Cruc, Viorica Antonov, Tatiana Gamanji
    This issue comes to analyze a narrow, but very important socio-economic-demographic segment by its impact on the economy of any state - the brain drain or the highly skilled workforce ...
  • Integration, equal opportunities and protection of persons with disabilities
    Year: 2010 Author: Viorica Antonov, Lucia Gavriliță, Tatiana Gamanji
    The society lives according to the rules of economic and social functioning, and the result of this behavior is marginal, because it opens the gates of all problems of poverty, social exclusion, trafficking in human beings ...
  • Necesităţi în dezvoltarea unui sistem naţional de asistenţă medicală pentru persoanele vârstnice
    Year: 2010 Author: Andrei Mecineanu, Constantin Ețco, Dorin Rotaru, Vladislav Badan
    Population aging represents a significant demographic change that most affects Moldovan society. This phenomenon has a profound echo over all spheres of life. Besides important economic and social challenges and consequences, there are important implications ...
  • Abandonment in Moldova: actors, solutions and gaps
    Year: 2011 Author: Viorica Antonov, Tatiana Gamanji
    In recent years, some progress has been made in the Republic of Moldova in the field of child and family rights protection: the community social assistance service has been created, services for children in difficulty have been developed ...
  • Critical and creative thinking in the context of the education system in Moldova
    Year: 2011 Author: Viorica Antonov
    The social and political changes that have occurred in post-socialist societies 20 years ago have also marked the educational system, which has continued with a special evolution towards a modern, pluralistic and open society with well-expressed democratic values ...
  • Child born out of wedlock: realities and consequences
    Year: 2011 Author: Olga Gagauz
    The subject of extramarital births is not new, being present at different stages of the historical development of society. A high share of single mothers born after World War II was due to the disproportion between the sexes, which was formed by huge losses among the male population ...
  • Policies on public-private partnership in health
    Year: 2011 Author: Andrei Mecineanu, Iurie Malanciuc
    Health is a key area of central and local public administration, representing a major part of total government spending and having a significant impact on a large number of citizens.
  • Gender equality perspective and measures for the advancement of women in the labor market
    Year: 2011 Author: Viorica Antonov
    The active involvement of women in the labor market means using a great talent potential for a modern society, which must be ensured by implementing and respecting the principle of equal opportunities. This principle has laid the foundations for a modern society in terms of enhancing the quality of active working life of women by eliminating all forms of discrimination on the labor market ...
  • Labour migration in Moldova: implications for the social security system in the medium and long
    Year: 2011 Author: Vasile Cantarji, Natalia Vladicescu
    At present, most countries in the world are facing serious social protection challenges in the socially vulnerable population. Despite continuing to increase labor productivity, the rhythms of this increase are not in line with the scale of other phenomena such as demographic aging, increasing inequality in resource holdings, massive labor exodus to more developed countries.
  • Reform of the system of social protection of disabled persons from a new approach and disability evaluation
    Year: 2011 Author: Lucia Gavriliță
    More than one billion people with disabilities are registered in the world, of whom over 200 million people face extremely difficult situations due to the severity of disability ...
  • Applying best practices on reducing the incidence of undeclared work in Moldova
    Year: 2012 Author: Viorica Antonov
    Undeclared work is analyzed through a synthesis of the causes that lead to its emergence and development. In this respect, the role and effectiveness of relevant institutions such as the Labor Inspectorate to combat and prevent undeclared work or undeclared work and salary payments in the envelope are analyzed. At the same time, the socio-demographic characteristics of undeclared work are analyzed.
  • Ageing: from challenges to benefits
    Year: 2012 Author: Olga Găgăuz
    As life expectancy increases continuously, the number and share of elderly people in the population structure increases, many countries resort to increasing retirement age. In this context, it is particularly important to create the conditions for people in pre-pension and retirement age not to be discriminated against on the labor market ...
  • Migration of teachers from Moldova brain gain or brain waste?
    Year: 2012 Author: Diana Cheianu-Andrei
    Population migration is one of the most complex social processes that influence contemporary society, being determined by the level of social economic development of the states and regions of the earth globe, but also by political, ethnic, cultural, religious, ecological factors ...
  • Inclusion of people with disabilities employed - Realities and Perspectives
    Year: 2012 Author: Lucia Gavriliță, Tatiana Cernomoriț, Aliona Chisari
    In the Republic of Moldova, employment of people with disabilities is mentioned as a priority in all public strategic documents on employment in general and on the integration of people with disabilities. But what is the reality of occupation of people with disabilities in our country ...
  • Being of the child - an impact factor in the sustainable development of the Republic of Moldova
    Year: 2014 Author: Gagauz Olga, Buciucianu-Vrabie Mariana
    Being aware of demographic challenges for the socio-economic development of the Republic of Moldova (especially the reduction of the population and demographic aging), we must also understand that the problem is not limited only to quantity but to a decisive extent is determined by the quality of the human potential ...
  • Reproductive health: individual and collective benefit
    Year: 2014 Author: Diana Cheianu-Andrei
    People's health issues are closely linked to the nature, essence, and human condition. Health, on the one hand, refers to man starting from his biological and psychological nature, man with his native, bio-genetic capacities, structured anatomically-physiological and structural-functional. On the other hand, the individual's health has a social dimension, which the human individual acquires in society ...
  • Social economy development in Moldova through the promotion of gender equality
    Year: 2016 Author: Dorin Vaculovschi, Viorica Antonov
    The study supports the importance of developing a Social Entrepreneurship Development Action Plan, which will be the main document addressing all aspects of support for the social economy sector, including financial support, support with subsidies and training mechanisms, training of people involved in social entrepreneurship , Especially women of all ages ..

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