Implemented projects

Implemented projects

Well Governed Public Sector Department

The Best Practices Programme for Local Authorities in Moldova 2011 - 2012

The Best Practices Programme for Local Authorities in Moldova was launched in 2005 by the Council of Europe in cooperation with the Government, associations of mayors, the USAID project "Local Government Reform" and implemented by IDIS "Viitorul", in 2007, 2008, 2010. Due to the progress registered by the project in previous editions, as well as the interest of local authorities to share their experiences, the project team decided to continue the Best Practices Programme in 2012. In this way, the Programme became, in time, a success story.

Implementation period: November 2012 - December 2013

Donor: Council of Europe

Consultant to adjust the Capacity Assessment and Capacity Development Plan Methodology of/for the Local Public Authorities from Moldova

Providing support for Local Public Authorities for better planning, budgeting, monitoring, evaluation and service provision (Vulcăneşti and Anenii Noi rayons)

RFP for the provision of technical assistance in implementing Performance Budgeting concept in Local Governments operations in Moldova -“ ILDP

Functional Market Economy Department

Preparing Republic of Moldova for a Comprehensive Free Trade and Agreement with European Union (2011)

Intensification of the cooperation between the Customs Service of RM and civil society on corruption prevention (2010)

Study "Impact of the future Open Trade Agreement between EU and Republic of Moldova on the agro alimentary sector of Moldova" (2010)

Enhancing monitoring and public contribution to the key reform policies implementation in Moldova (2009)

Support to Chisinau Municipality in sustainable provision of heating services (2009)

Designing an Advocacy Campaign in supporting the Moldovan Exporters of Agricultural Goods (2009)

Strengthening the rule of law in Moldova (2007)

Competitive Society Department

Promotion of a conscious vote in the general elections of 2010

Strengthening Critical Thinking on Accelerating Conflict Resolution in Moldova through Active Involvement of International Actors (2010)

How Democratic is Moldova? Audit of Democracy (2010)

Stimulating debates on foreign policy at the level of experts and society. Writing, editing and disseminating a bulletin on foreign policy of Republic of Moldova (2010-2011)

Development and promotion of a modern and democratic media environment in Republic of Moldova (2010-2011)

Moldova at the European crossroads building local and national sinergies (2010)

Community based monitoring of the impact of the Global Economic and Financial Crisis on Human Development and MDGs in the Republic of Moldova (2010)

Monitoring and Evaluation the Ministry of Health/WB/UNICEF joint project - Protecting health and nutrition status of the pregnant and breastfeeding women and young children of 6-24 months old" (2009)







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