• Oct 24
    Conference „Strengthening Security of Information Space through Consolidated Resilience and Enhanced Cooperation”
    09:00 Radisson Blue Leogrand Hotel Convention Centre, on 77 Mitropolit Varlaam Street, in Chisinau

    The Embassy of the Republic of Latvia, the British Embassy, IDIS Viitorul, and the NATO  Information and Documentation Centre are proud to announce a Strategic Communication conference Strengthening Security of Information Space through Consolidated Resilience and Enhanced Cooperation on 24 October in Chisinau.

    Being aware of the importance of the proposed topic both for the Republic of Moldova and for the broader region, as well as of the need for persistent and continuous efforts and systematic coordination in this direction, this conference will intend to increase the awareness on the role of the Strategic Communication. The event will focus on the security of the information space as a key factor in the fight against disinformation, and on the importance of the timely and efficient coordination between stakeholders. 

    The conference will bring together national experts from State Institutions (the UK Ministry of Defence, the Chancery of the President of Latvia), media experts (Baltic Centre for Media Excellence, DFRLab, BBC Media Action, EEAS East Stratcom Task Force) and academia (Cardiff University) to share the experience and best practice from Latvia and the United Kingdom with Moldovan stakeholders and communication professionals. The conference will feature three panels which will focus on:

    1) The importance of strategic communications, improved cross-government co-ordination, and specific elements of strategic communication available to governments and civil society

    2) Strategic communication as a proper communication tool of the public institutions, as well as an attribute of an independent and pluralistic media environment

    3) The broad topic of media literacy and specific case studies of fake news and the monitoring of media resources as well as the available options for regulatory bodies.

    This event will be organized in order to capitalize and build upon the success of last year’s workshop on the topic of Comprehensive Approach to the Fight against Disinformation organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia together with IDIS Viitorul, the Baltic Centre for Media Excellence and the Latvian Institute of International Affairs, in the framework of Latvian centennial anniversary. This year with the support of the British Embassy, the conference will continue to be a part of Latvia’s Centenary programme of public diplomacy, coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia.

    The event will take place on October 24 at the Radisson Blue Leogrand Hotel Convention Centre, on 77 Mitropolit Varlaam Street, in Chisinau, and will start at 09.00 AM. For any additional information feel free to contact the organizers by e-mail: or by phone: 062098955.

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