IDIS Viitorul provides advice on increasing business development capabilities, public education through the promotion of economic knowledge, providing assistance in influencing the policy formulation process. IDIS consults business in Moldova and abroad. The growing complexity of the modern governance require from the decision makers and entrepreneurs to go beyond formal scores of regulatory reforms or achieving higher international rankings on various international scorecards. To get the best results in modern entrepreneurships, both, public and private actors shall set up more ambitious agenda of reforms, and these reforms need to be built up on shared values, trustful dialogues, credible performance-measuring toolkits, which requires hands-on effort. IDIS is proud to be the founder of the National Business Agenda, which is a viable and open partnership with a wide range of private partners representing national clusters of the local industries, business associations. The National Business Agenda assist platform partners to build up their institutional capacity, enrich public-private dialogue and forge powerful coalitions to boost regulatory policies.

Business Confidence Index

IDIS Viitorul provides assistance in the area of ​​credibility in the Moldovan business. The institution has developed the consumer, trade, industry, construction and economy index. IDIS business confidence index took the pulse of top business leaders and examined their levels of confidence to outperform competitors and their views on key business issues like innovation, talent, and bold leadership. Index is based on a survey which measures business confidence on: overall economic conditions, financial position, investment climate and level of capacity utilization. All four indicators carry equal weight.

Trend Hunter

IDIS Viitorul has developed a series of analyzes on the pressing problems of the Moldovan society. Such as the efficiency of state-run managers, efficiency of public institutions, etc.

Economic Monitor

The Economic Monitor makes a radiography of the main indicators, which are the trends and forecasts and developments for the next period.

Business development

IDIS Viitorul provides consultancy in developing business feasibility studies with a wealth of experience in developing them. IDIS customers are 36 business associations associated with the National Business Agenda Platform, CIPE, NED, EBRD.

Development of agriculture

IDIS Viitorul provides consultancy and assistance in the development of agricultural business, with research and studies developed in different branches. IDIS monitors the agricultural market and sector trends.

Banking Due Diligence

IDIS Viitorul provides consulting in the field of bank analysis. IDIS makes the ranking of banks based on individuals' crediting data, the top of banks by non-performing loans, insufficient credit for business, etc. IDIS offers consulting and capacity building training for bank staff on demand.

Regional development, evaluation and institutional support for regional cooperation

IDIS Viitorul provides advice on policy evaluation and results monitoring in order to bring Moldova closer to European democratic standards. The experts participated in the elaboration of the socio-economic development strategy of Gagauzia (2005-2010), (2017-2022), consulting the authorities in Comrat, Ungheni (2002-2007).

Project management, European funding

IDIS Viitorul provides technical advice and assistance to develop feasibility studies, project management and EU funding. Our customers are: local authorities in the RM, PaE countries, CBOS, business communities, development partners

Feasibility studies and management of water supply and sewerage assistance

IDIS Viitorul provides consultancy in the field of water and sewerage plans. IDIS customers are: SDC, UNDP, EU

Cross-border cooperation (markets, people-people, cultural centers, development, infrastructure)

IDIS Viitorul provides assistance in participating in cross-border projects, the institution having experience in participating in cross-border projects with Romania and Ukraine. Our clients are the regional authorities of Moldova, Ukraine and Romania.

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