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Association Agreement, implemented with half measures

2016.12.21 Economy admin Print version

The EU has granted a credit of trust Moldova after signing the Association Agreement in 2014, but Chisinau preferred to implement half-measures some provisions of the document. Country beat the pulse on place and gets back to the political will that has left its mark. This is the opinion expressed by experts IDIS Viitorul, Ion Tabirta and Veaceslav Berbeca in the program "60 minutes of economic realism”.

"There are officials who would like to implement all provisions of the document, but there are a number of factors that distort the laws or change their essence. An example is the fiscal amnesty which is not a law in the spirit of the Association Agreement. It comes more from the Wild West and it is clear that after being taken out large sums of money, from the back door, now their legalization is wanted. Moreover, there are other details in the underground are not known", said Ion Tabirta.

According to him, the effects of the Association Agreement are not felt by citizens. Rather, the effect of the billion stealing was felt it was felt, which eroded the purchasing power of the population. "In Moldova there and a lot of rhetoric across the EU, but reforms are made only on papers in the interest of party or clan".

In turn, Veaceslav Berbeca said that most of the reforms in Moldova are made on paper. The government is criticized, and rightly so, given the socio-economic situation remains unchanged. Our country remains the poorest in Europe where the emigration rate is high.

"An important role in the implementation of the Association Agreement is the involvement of civil society in the decision-making process. It happens that many laws are not discussed with the civil society and others do not take into account the opinion of NGOs.

In conclusion, the experts said that from 2009 to 2015 many reforms started, but the level of corruption has increased.

For more details, please contact the Press officer of IDIS "Viitorul", Victor Ursu: or by phone 069 017 396

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