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Chivriga: Moldova, in the top of the states to the number of ministers. We need to increase performance and optimize costs in the public administration system

2017.08.07 Economie Victor Ursu Print version

Central public administration reform should reduce redundant functions, exaggerated costs of maintaining inefficient organizations, and a sudden increase in how public sector employees serve the interests of the population. The Republic of Moldova is today ranked among the top European states by the number of ministries, IDIS Program Director Viorel Chivriga said in the 15 minutes of economic realism show.

Chivriga says that the optimization of governmental structures should take into account the OECD experience, the results of the functional analysis, the goals of the reform, and the reaction of the population, dictated by the socio-political context in general. "The essence of social dissatisfaction is that even though the state is very small, the number of bureaucrats is excessive, and the efficiency of state policies is so low that citizens often think they would live better without bureaucrats."

However, the reform should not be limited to mechanical staff reductions. It is not the accountants who have to decide how the structure of the future government will look, but how far there can be a public consensus on the functions assigned to the state to make order, generate quality services, ensure the development of the economy and, last but not least, Corrupt officials do not lead us. You can not have a consensus without dialogue and without credible communication between the state and civil society, business, academia and development partners.

"There are many claims to some ministries, and the time that these changes can be made is not very generous in 2017," says Viorel Chivriga.

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