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Decentralization and territorial administrative reform, the problems that mitigate the Republic of Moldova

2018.09.13 Economie Victor Ursu Print version

Decentralization and administrative-territorial reform are two of the most important issues that need to be resolved in order to relaunch the economic and social development of the Republic of Moldova, Viorel Chivriga, Program Director of IDIS Viitorul, stated within the program "15 minutes of economic realism" has approached these subjects also at the Economic Forum in Krynica, Poland.

Decentralization and administrative-territorial reform are important issues on the agenda of the Republic of Moldova. "It is not normal for a small state such as the Republic of Moldova to have an impressive number of municipalities, while the population is declining," Chivriga said.

The program director also talked about the successes of the Republic of Moldova that he registered following the implementation of the Free Trade Agreement. The Free Trade Agreement helped the Republic of Moldova to get rid of a number of problems it had with some states in foreign trade. For example, in 2018, statistical data show a 69% share of exports in EU countries while in CIS of only 16%. Only deliveries of goods in hurts to three European countries, such as Romania, Italy, and Germany, exceed exports to the CIS almost 3 times.

"The increase in foreign trade in the three signatory states of the Association Agreements with the EU, Ukraine The Republic of Moldova and Georgia has also led to an increase in export quality and major changes in geographical destinations. We are also talking about the changes that have taken place in the regions, but also the role of the governmental and local institutions, "Viorel Chivriga believes.

At the same time, there are reforms that are not visible but of great importance. We are talking about reforming state institutions and qualitative changes in the SME field where there is a significant increase in the number of exporting companies. There are changes regarding the harmonization of the legal framework, but also the increase of the technical equipment companies' capacities. The evolution of export tariff headings is also visible, which highlights the good changes in the regions and the quality of the production sectors: agriculture and industry.

In conclusion, Viorel Chivriga mentioned that a growing interest of some regional companies for the Republic of Moldova has started to appear lately. This is happening in Comrat, Orhei, but also in other cities. And to attract even more interest to foreign companies in Chisinau will be organized annually an investment forum with the participation of international companies. They will come with expertise and innovation.

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