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Envelope wage, late-effect bomb. There is a need for a new approach by the authorities to the phenomenon

2018.05.15 Economie Victor Ursu Print version

The wage phenomenon in the envelope will always exist, it will not be completely eradicated. There are methods of fighting, but never enough for the world to give up definitively especially in a society like Moldovan, where undeclared work always creates the illusion of gain and benefit, but the consequences are serious. It is the opinion expressed by journalist Vlad Bercu in the show "15 minutes of economic realism".

The latest data from the NBS shows that 7% of the employed population receives the salary in the envelope, while in agriculture 42.0%, trade - 19.3% and industry - 8.6%. Actions are taking place at government, tax, and unions talk about the phenomenon for more than 10 years, but salaries paid in the envelope remain at a high level. It is a scourge that affects not only the economy of the Republic of Moldova but also the developed countries of the EU. An EUobserver survey shows a 3% wage bill in the EU. What is worrying is the magnitude of the phenomenon that in the Republic of Moldova is double to the EU. Blackwork is a disease of the economy where companies earn a moment of pay without paying social contributions (29%).

The effects of black work are felt by the state, deprives the government of incomes and undermines the social protection system, the citizen when retiring, but also because they are not socialized in the absence of a labor contract and the employees are not eligible to access loans. People generally accept black work most often when they do not find a stable job or want an extra income to ensure a decent life.

"The authorities are addressing the issue of" wages in the envelope "in terms of sanctions, fines imposed on economic agents. The last case was with a football team whose players cashed in the envelope. Such an approach can also have an immediate effect in single cases, but can not diminish the scourge in general. Addressing the problem of black labor, in the sense of diminishing it, should be changed", Bercu said.

In conclusion, Vlad Bercu said that the state should analyze the problem and develop policies to encourage businesses to legally pay employees. It is not a solution to reducing social contributions, but there are other financial incentives that would be more effective than punishments. The blackwork phenomenon will not be eradicated, but the issue is to reduce the "wage bill".

The show is made by IDIS "Viitorul" in partnership with Radio Free Europe.

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