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Exports to Russia, to the sake of political decisions and presidential rhetoric

2017.10.09 Economie Victor Ursu Print version

The trade relations of the Republic of Moldova with the Russian Federation entered a deadlock in August 2014 after Chisinau signed the Association Agreement with the EU. In the meantime, Moscow introduced customs duties for Moldovan agri-food products, and then the embargoes came one after the other, and they continue at the present time. Fruit and vegetable deliveries in the Russian Federation are at the mercy of political decisions, and promises by the head of state, Igor Dodon, to restore exports to the Russian market are only rhetorical. This is the opinion expressed by IDIS expert "Viitorul" Ion Tăbârţă during the 15 minutes of economic realism show.

Moldovan President Igor Dodon has repeatedly stated that he will deal with the issue of Moldovan fruit and vegetable exports to the Russian Federation, he said he had discussed this topic during his meetings with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin , but we see that without major results.

"Maintaining the embargos reveals that President Igor Dodon does not honor his promises in the electoral campaign that the trade restrictions for Moldovan fruits and vegetables will be removed after he gets to the helm of the state. Moreover, Dodon also promised to simplify the conditions of working of Moldovans in the Russian Federation, the situation of which remained broadly unchanged" Tabârță said.

According to the expert, Dodon declares, whenever he has the opportunity, that Moldova has increased its exports to the Russian Federation, but official statistics contradict it - the share is around 20% and the EU remains the main trading partner of the Republic of Moldova with a quota of 63.4% in the first semester. The logic of Igor Dodon's statements is part of the mission of the Russian Federation's geopolitical scenarios to restore the influence of Moscow in the former Soviet space, and the head of the Moldovan state is part of the Russian political scenario on the Republic of Moldova.

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