IDIS "Viitorul" announces a contest for the selection of representatives of civil society organizations/journalists to participate in a capacity - building program in the field of public procurement monitoring

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Representatives of the Civil Society Organizations (CSO) and journalists from the Republic of Moldova are welcome to apply for participation in a new capacity-building program in monitoring public procurement. 

After the training program an open call for sub grants will be open. In this context Civil Society Organizations / journalists (registered organizations / institutions) will have the opportunity to receive support in order to begin or continue their activity in monitoring public procurement in Republic of Moldova. The training program is part of the project "Increasing the Integrity of Public Procurement in Moldova through Cooperation with Civil Society", implemented by the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) "Viitorul", in partnership with the Partnership for Transparency Fund (USA).

The objectives of the program are the following:

1) Provide Moldovan Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and journalists with sufficient capacity to conduct meaningful monitoring of procurement processes.

2) Instruct Moldovan CSOs and journalists on how to appropriately monitor procurement processes by making use of the e-procurement system.

3) Ensuring that findings and recommendations resulting from credible and professional CSO monitoring are taken seriously and acted upon by contracting entities, contractors and government oversight and law enforcement entities, including the National Anti-Corruption Center.

 Who can apply?

- Representatives of non-governmental organizations from the Republic of Moldova.

- Media representatives / journalists.

- Active civic leaders eager to monitor the way in which the authorities use public money.

*For some sessions representatives of the economic operators will be invited to attend

We are looking for motivated civil society leaders who are willing to participate in all activities at all stages of the program. Priority will be given to representatives of civil society organizations / journalists who have basic knowledge in public procurement and have experience in areas related to public procurement (transparency, good governance, integrity and anti-corruption, monitoring of public money, public administration, etc.)

It is relevant to apply if:

  • You are active in a civil society organization in the Republic of Moldova; you are a journalist or a civic activist, trying to contribute to the development of your community and to the accountability of public authorities.
  • You want to improve your organization's ability to participate in decision-making, to be actively involved in solving the problems facing your community.
  • You want the voices in the localities you represent to be heard by decision-makers and to be taken into account more often.
  • You want to be promoters of the transparency and efficiency of public procurement at the local or national level and to acquire various tools for monitoring the way in which public money is used.
  • You consider that steps should be taken to make public procurement more accessible and transparent.
  • You are already monitoring procurement or you intend to do so and believe that you have the capacity (e.g. competent and interested staff) to engage in this activity by employing the knowledge from the training you will be attending

What does the capacity development program include?

The program includes 12 training modules with 24 sessions. The program is an excellent opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge, to find new partners with the same vision and to share experiences. The training program will involve national and international experts with extensive experience in the field of public procurement.

What are the topics of the modules?

  • Introduction to the importance and principles of public procurement monitoring.
  • Legal and institutional framework in public procurement.
  • The public procurement process (pre-tender stage and tender stage, post-tender stage, and public procurement contract).
  • The remedy system: legal framework and appeals.
  • Transparency in public procurement. Access to information and protection of personal data.
  • Conflict of interest and corruption in public procurement.
  • Competition and anti-competitive agreements in public procurement.
  • Public procurement monitoring tools (red flags) and other tools.
  • Post-monitoring actions: advocacy and referral to responsible authorities.
  • Engaging in effective procurement monitoring and developing a sustainable monitoring strategy.


The program will take place between October 7, 2021-and December 17, 2021.

The program in the field of public procurement monitoring will take place twice a month on Thursdays and Fridays.  The training program will be held on the following dates:

  • -    October 7, 8, 21 and 22
    -    November 4, 5, 18, and 19
    -    December 2, 3, 16 and 17

The duration of each module is about five hours (10.00 - 16.00) with coffee break, lunch break and accommodation.  Training costs will be covered by the project.

The course is expected to take place "face to face". In case of restrictions related to the pandemic situation caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the training program will be organized in an online format.

Upon completion of the program, participants will receive certificates of participation. The participant organizations in the training program will later on also have the opportunity to submit their files for sub-grants that will be awarded within the project in order to support the sub-grantees to carry out public procurement monitoring activity

Application procedure

We are expecting the filled-in application form (attached) and your CV before September 20, 2021, at 18.00. Please send your file to the following e-mail address: Should you have any further questions, please contact Ungureanu Carolina at 022 22 18 44 or at the e-mail address above.

The program is part of the „Increasing the Integrity of Public Procurement in Moldova through Cooperation with Civil Society” Project  implemented by the Institute for development as Social Initiatives  (IDIS) „Viitorul", in partnership with the Partnership for Tansparency Fund (PTF). The aim of the project is to support public procurement reforms in Moldova, which will increase the transparency and fairness of public procurement by empowering citizens to hold relevant institutions accountable. This will be possible by training civil society organizations and journalists to act as watchdogs by monitoring public procurement.

IDIS „Viitorul” is an independent think tank, founded in 1993 that combines social, political, and economic research with solid advocacy components. The institution conducts monitoring research in several areas: economy, social policy, EU policies, regional development, but also security and foreign policy risks.

The Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF) based in Washington DC, is committed to promoting innovative civil society-led approaches to improving governance, increasing transparency, promoting the rule of law, and reducing corruption in developing and developing countries. Since 2000, the PTF has supported more than 250 projects aimed at promoting the involvement of CSOs in decisions, processes, and laws that demand transparency and accountability in public procurement.

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