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Increasing the competitiveness of Moldovan products and investments would further boost exports to the EU

2017.08.23 Economie Victor Ursu Print version

Following the countless restrictions imposed by the Russian Federation since 2005, Moldovan companies have reorientated to the EU market, and now the share of exports on the EU market is 63%, while the CIS is experiencing a slow change. A total return of exporters on the Russian market is impossible given that the niche was occupied by other states with more competitive products than Moldovan ones. This is the opinion expressed by IDIS Viitorul Program Director, Viorel Chivriga, within the program ”15 minutes of economic realism program”.

The data on the level of exports and imports in the first half of 2017 shows that the Republic of Moldova returns to its position in 2012, 2013.

According to Chivriga, the Association Agreement with the EU has had a positive impact on the foreign trade of the Republic of Moldova. "We have about 1400 companies that successfully export to the Community market, more than 2100 export tariffs, and some tariff positions are fully covered within quotas. We also witness a qualitative change in the performance of state institutions. An example is the Customs Service which has removed the barriers to exporters being overruled over 140 unnecessary orders, many of which are harmful to entrepreneurs. At present customs administration is much better and budget revenues are on the rise. And the Fiscal has improved its capabilities under the conditions that many more chronic problems have been removed. "

There are some changes to the application of the provisions of the Association Agreement. It is the harmonization of the legislation with the acquis communautaire, the emergence of modern technical regulations and the takeover of more than 14,400 European / international standards, the cancellation of about 11,600 conflicting Moldovan standards but also overdue. At the same time, there are great possibilities to influence exports by improving the real-sector areas of the economy where there is a fierce stabilization. In agriculture there is growth and we are detached from the situation when a good year was preceded by the year of calamities and growth was stopped. There is a shift in the service sector, especially IT companies. "If we talk about regions, we notice an increase in exports to the EU from Gagauzia and the left bank of the Dniester. Moreover, the authorities of Gagauzia draw attention to the change of the foreign trade paradigm for which any market is important if you have the chance to get hold of it and develop your business", Chivriga said.

The program director listed two issues that should draw the attention of the authorities to increase exports. It is about attracting investments and insistent promotion of Moldovan goods and products. "It is a void that must be filled with the utmost attention. We have products and assets that are competitive, but we need some policies to promote them on foreign markets".

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