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Ioniță: Kroll knows where 85% of stolen money from banks is

2017.08.07 Economie Victor Ursu Print version

The Kroll company, which deals with the investigation of the missing billion, has published an informative note from which it is concluded that there was a well-established mechanism in the Republic of Moldova to launder stolen money from banks with dozens of trained companies. This shows how vulnerable the country is and how weak the state institutions are. This is the opinion expressed by Veaceslav Ionita, expert IDIS Viitorul in the show "15 minutes of economic realism".

From the informative note, 75 companies were involved in the embezzlement of $ 600 million, but at least six groups were involved in the bank robbery. Kroll focused on the 75 companies in the Shor Group because it is the biggest and the biggest amount was embezzled.

All those involved in bank robbery knew that they could wash that money through schemes that eventually appeared as clean money. According to Kroll's conclusions, stolen money returned to Moldova as an investment. With them were bought assets and shares in banks. Kroll knows what assets and who he bought. There was the possibility of injecting in our banking system dubious money, including bank robbery. Once you injected this money, it was already clean money. There have been concerted actions by some commercial banks that have participated in the bank robbery and no one has seen and countered that. Currently, in the Republic of Moldova there are millions of properties bought from stolen money from the three devalued banks, "Ionita explained.

The information in the Kroll information note shows how weak the institutions in the Republic of Moldova are without being able to identify bad loans from banks. Moreover, there is no mechanism to detect dubious credits at present.

"Out of the $ 600 million stolen, Kroll knows where 85% is, which makes us believe that the money will be recovered. Most of them are out of the country, "the expert concluded.

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