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Local action groups, the solution for increasing the welfare of the rural population

2018.07.13 Economie Victor Ursu Print version

The Republic of Moldova is an eternal country in transition with a fragile economy, which has registered ups and downs. In rural areas there were business opportunities, which would have favored even bigger jumps, but these are not perceived by the population of the Republic of Moldova. One solution is to create local action groups, which through joint efforts of several localities create opportunities for development. This is the opinion expressed by Viorel Chivriga, Director of Programs at IDIS Viitorul, within the program "15 minutes of economic realism".

There is progress in rural areas, but not in the way they contribute to the welfare of citizens. Business climate lame, and business prefers Chisinau and developed urban areas. But the EU offers the Republic of Moldova its experience of creating local action groups that contribute to the development of communities by attracting finance and foreign business. "Local Initiative Groups" (GAL 10-100 thousand people) is a successful model implemented by the EU countries, "said Viorel Chivriga.

IDIS The Future in a program together with Estonian and local partners and with the support of the Estonian Foreign Ministry has created two LAGs, one in Ungheni and one in Stefan-Voda.

"Both Local Action Groups represent vast territories located in particularly picturesque areas, crossed by important national roads, close to known international customs but facing acute problems related to under-financing of old infrastructure and obsolete agricultural production technologies, socio-economic indicators in degradation, numerous inequalities that stimulate fast depopulation of localities, limited access to services, restricted education, insufficient investment in education, competitiveness, "the program director said.

The two LAGs aim to promote the objective of attracting public and private resources, experience, expertise, technologies in reanimating the local economy, modernizing the infrastructure, developing a broader range of quality public services, promoting local exports, capitalizing on the potential and characteristics of the areas in the service of communities and sustainable development (rural, recreational, religious, nostalgic, sports, promoting brands and local brands, local crafts and customs, promoting regions at national and international level).

"The experience of setting up the Cula Sub-Region clearly speaks about the need for new spatial policy instruments to revitalize disadvantaged areas in economic and social terms - part of the National Regional Development Strategy. "Cula" and "Lunca Nistrului" sub-regions have an excellent potential for producing and marketing traditional organic and organic agri-food products, being positioned close to proximity markets, highways and railways essential for the national economy. "

In conclusion, Viorel Chivriga mentioned that the establishment of the LAG aims to co-operate with rural communities and connect them to national and international networks, and this will generate the transfer of experience and know-how.

For more details contact IDIS "Viitorul" Public Relations Coordinator, Victor URSU at or call 06017396.

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