Moldova, for the first time in an international ranking of budgetary transparency

2017.06.30 Administrație publică Ana-Maria Veverița Print version

An international ranking of budgetary transparency will include, for the first time in 2017, the Republic of Moldova. The experts' conclusion is that our country has a good place in the functional budgeting of the public budget, but there are a number of gaps that pull our country down. According to Veaceslav Ionita from IDIS “Viitorul", the Republic of Moldova has advanced moderately in recent years in terms of budgetary transparency and access to information on public money.

Find out in the June issue of the Newsletter "Budgets without secrets" which are factors that contribute significantly to Moldova's buildup transparency, as well as the downsides that lower the country's position in the international budget transparency ranking.

Also in this issue you will find the following interesting topics:

E-GOVERNANCE: The "no paper" town hall, the dream of the local elected
REPORT: Local budgets in the Republic of Moldova, insufficient for the development of municipalities
FISC: Business, discouraged by the "mistakes" of officials
COMPETITIVENESS: The most corrupt regions in Moldova

More information you can find in the Newsletter (available only in Romanian)

The publication aims to make transparent the activity of local public authorities in Moldova by promoting transparency and financial accountability.

The Newsletter is produced within the project “Transparent, financially sound and competitive municipalities in Moldova” which is implemented by the Institute for Economic and Social Reforms (INEKO) in partnership with IDIS “Viitorul”, with the support of the SlovakAid and the US Embassy to Moldova. The project aims to increase the financial accountability of local governments in 50 municipalities throughout Moldova.

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