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Public procurement, grounded in corruption, theft, fraud and petty interests

2018.08.14 Economie Victor Ursu Print version

Although measures are being taken to streamline the procurement process, the issues that business signals are corruption, theft, fraud and petty interests. Public procurement is perceived as the use of incorrect, inefficient and non-transparent public money, costing IDIS Viitorul expert Viorel Pârvan within the 15 minutes of economic realism show.

Tenders won under the lowest price criterion do not always ensure the purchase of the highest quality goods, services, and works. In many cases, procurement managers do not have the necessary knowledge to answer questions or to provide additional information to economic operators.

"The public procurement system in the Republic of Moldova is a bureaucratic one because in order to prepare the offers, the economic operators have to present a series of certificates, many of which the economic operators do not consider important / essential, and in order to get the time is needed. Existing legislation is relatively good, problems appear more when implementing public procurement provisions, "says Viorel Pârvan, who cites the survey data from IDIS Viitorul. "The Perceptions Index of Public Procurement".

As far as the complaints are concerned, the economic agents do not submit them if they have previously worked with the contracting authority. Economic operators do not want to worsen their relationship with authority, with plans for collaboration in mind. At the same time, economic operators assume that they will encounter reluctance on the part of contracting authorities later when they try to participate in other procurement procedures.

In order to improve the public procurement system, the business environment recommends: criminal liability of all decision-makers involved in defrauding public procurement, with the extensive confiscation of assets, increasing the level of competence, training and qualification of civil servants and all parties involved in the process by offering training, workshops, lifting civil servants' salaries to prevent and reduce corruption and, last but not least, reviewing the award criteria by replacing the "lowest price" criterion with the "quality / price" criterion.

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