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Rural poverty swallows the agriculture of the Republic of Moldova

2017.10.24 Economie Victor Ursu Print version

Rural development goes hand in hand with agriculture, but poorly paid jobs, underdeveloped infrastructure, lack of elementary public services and technologies are driving out the active labor force in the countryside.

"Rural development is a complex subject and has links with other sectors where there is competition. It is the sector of production in agriculture, services, domestic and international trade. And here comes the first symptomatic signals of production factors, which need a rigorous analysis and solutions - connected to reality. Farmers in the Republic of Moldova produce conditions different from those in the EU. And here comes the issue of specialization, traditions, support from EU countries and experience, which Moldovan producers do not have. It is also important to anchor markets that are largely occupied and must be conquered, explained in the show" 15 minutes of economic realism,"Viorel Chivriga, director of programs IDIS Viitorul.

In the villages of the Republic of Moldova, the living standard is low, plus the road and service infrastructure is poor or not developed. One on top of that, rural poverty is favored by reduced accessibility to urban centers, poor access infrastructure and the predominantly agricultural occupancy of the population, which is still poorly paid. "There are already very large vacancies on the labor market in rural areas. Traditionalist situations are commonplace, "said the program director.

Viorel Chivriga has identified some solutions that can develop rural and localities and set off farming businesses. These are innovations and technologies. "They play an important role in modernizing localities, but the ability to attract technologies is very low and is due to the weak academic sector. The Global Competitiveness Report shows that we need to act promptly and quickly if we are to change the situation in the country".

The program director mentioned that the development of consultancy services in the Republic of Moldova is weak. "There are a lot of farmers in the country who manage 1.6 million ha of arable land and over 2 million ha of agricultural land. But the information can not reach every person. In order to boost consultancy services, it is necessary to implement IT technologies through which farmers are informed about legislation, market trends, legal services".

The show is made by IDIS Viitorul in partnership with Radio Free Europe.

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