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Six of ten road accidents occur in Chisinau

2017.03.22 Social Victor Ursu Print version

In 2016 the number of deaths on pedestrian crossings in Chisinau went up by a quarter or 25% compared to 2012, reaching nearly 60 people, while the number of injured was around 1400 people. Or, statistics of the Traffic Police show that over 50% of road accidents in the capital are actually involving pedestrians and cyclists. This is the opinion of the IDIS expert, Iurie Gotisan expressed in the program "15 minutes of economic realism".

Data analysis suggests that a higher proportion of accidents occur on certain pedestrian crossings within the evening hours, 18:00-06:00. Over 60% of these take place in Chisinau. Compared to the number of people killed in many cities around the world due to such accidents, Chisinau has, unfortunately, primacy, registering 8.5 persons reported per 100,000 inhabitants, compared to Stockholm - 0.7 persons Berlin - 1.5 persons or Bucharest - 6.2 persons.

"Moldova would place among the firsts in Europe and Central Asia on the cost of road accidents, with spending estimated at slightly more than $ 1 billion according to a thematic report of the World Bank. Thus, the estimated cost of a death in Moldova is something more than $ 500,000, almost 2 times less than in Romania and far less than in this situation observed in Slovenia or the Czech Republic. This fact proves that it is possible to significantly reduce the number of people injured/deceased while improving the pedestrian experience. Or, and this data tell us that the life of Moldovan costs less compared to a European life. Currently, the only way to fight of the Chisinau Town Hall is the location of speed limiters. Of course, these are not always the most effective", explained Gotisan.

To avoid traffic accidents the expert recommends stringent measures to intensify control over the observance of traffic rules, improving infrastructure for pedestrians and organizing special operations and information campaigns. "Arrangements for traffic calming are necessary and improved pedestrian crossings - signs endorsement crossings should be located at least 50 m ahead of them. Also, specific electronic devices to stop the vehicle, it may be installed, like in the UK".

"The analysis should compare utility / cost them in other ways such as 1. lighting pedestrian crossings because many accidents occur because of this, namely, the reduced visibility for both pedestrians and drivers; 2. Location of pedestrian refuges; protecting the trolley and bus stations, 3. Setting the speed limit of 30km / h in vast areas of the town. All these measures would estimate at about 20 million lei. We can only conclude that depending on the risk, we need a mix of intervention between the items identified", concluded Iurie Gotisan.

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