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Top three events in 2016: the fragile political stability, the IMF agreement and approval of the budget for 2017

2016.12.28 Economy admin Print version

The economic year 2016 was marked by three events. It is about fragile political stability, signing the IMF agreement and approval of the budget for 2017, according to the opinion of IDIS Viitorul experts, Viorel Chivriga and Iurie Gotisan expressed in the program "60 minutes of economic realism".

"The year 2016 was positive for the Moldovan economy while the remaining laws were approved. Among them is the budget law for 2016 and 2017. This gave a fresh breath in the economy, but the main drawback remains the low competitiveness. A vicious chain which impedes the workforce productivity and increase exports. Or in 2016, in real terms the exports were higher, but lower in volume – a low competitiveness argument", explained Iurie Gotisan.

In turn, Viorel Chivriga wonders whether the 2016 economic advance is healthy or purely Moldovan. This should give food for authorities’ thought. "In Moldova we cannot see a paradigm shift of economic development, a healthy change in the economic sectors (industry, agriculture, services etc.)”.

According to him, the Moldovan economy moves on spiral: a better year in another year - badly. Most of guilty have the system, since the appointment of persons in leadership positions the principle of meritocracy is excluded. Moreover, it is very difficult to change something in the pre-election year and 2017 is a pre-electoral given that in 2018 we have parliamentary elections.

In conclusion, Viorel Chivriga said that 2016 was marked by reduced investment flows following the suspension of funding from development partners. "If we want investment we must create appropriate conditions for ushers capital, local public authorities. All it takes is political will".

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