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The US Shale Gas Revolution will reduce prices for the Republic of Moldova

2017.08.08 Economie Victor Ursu Print version

In the US, the so-called shale gas revolution took place, the cost of which has already dropped significantly below the US $ 50 for a thousand cubic meters and wholesale prices on the North American market do not exceed 100-120 for a thousand cubic meters. This will change the configuration of the global market, forcing traditional gas suppliers, including Gazprom, to cut prices to keep their market share, explained energy expert Victor Parlicov in a 15-minute economic realism show.

Boosting gas extraction in the US led to the collapse of gas imports on the North American market, and import terminals are currently being converted into gas export terminals. Thus, the US will become one of the largest exporters of gas, and now US companies are primarily oriented towards the European market. On June 8, 2017, the first delivery to Poland took place and this trend will accelerate.

With regard to prices, the energy expert says that in the medium term, gas prices will decrease. In Europe, the price will stabilize at 120-130 USD for a thousand cubic meters. Under such conditions, traditional gas suppliers such as Gazprom will have to cut prices. This competition will lead to price leveling between the three main natural gas markets (North American, Asian and European), and soon we will talk about a global natural gas market.

"For the Republic of Moldova, it is important to develop the necessary infrastructure to bring gas from elsewhere than from Gazprom, so that we can benefit from the favorable situation on the regional market. On the one hand, the interconnection with Romania needs to be completed, but we also have the interconnection in the north of the country with Ukraine, which can also operate in reverse. Compressed gas could come both from the north, from Ukraine, and from the south through Romania.

Referring to renewable energy, Parlicov said that at present one of the main concerns of investors and technology research centers is to improve energy storage technologies to offset the intermittent nature of renewable energy. Despite the fact that within the Energy Community the Republic of Moldova has undertaken to approve a new Law on the Promotion of Renewable Energy by the end of 2012, it was approved only in 2016 and the entry into force was postponed until 2018. Authorities postpone the entry into force of the law in question, guiding the paradigm that renewable energy is expensive and would put pressure on prices. Meanwhile, renewable energy becomes competitive in price with fossil energy, and postponing the entry into force of the Law on the Promotion of the Use of Energy from Renewable Sources also blocks the possibility for consumers to install their own sources of generation at the place of consumption, To replace the power consumption of the network.

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