International advisory board

International advisory board

Members of the International Advisory Board are nominated for a 4-years full mandate.

International Advisors are expected to guide, coach new policy areas in the economic and social policy, direct new ideas in business, governmental affairs, foreign policy, education, defense and security, cyber and e-governance.

Members of the IAB attend annual or extraordinary reunions of the International Advisory Board traveling to Moldova or to other places, or communicate at distance holding on-line coordination meetings with IDIS.

Participation to the flagship projects gives also important leverages to the IAB Members to oversee and expand IDIS’s field of work, professional networks and institutional affiliations.

  • Dr Adam Eberhardt, Director of the Center for Eastern Studies (OSW) of Poland
  • Ambassador Asif Chaudhry, Dr., Vice Provost of the Washington State University,
  • Dr Jae Jin Kim, Director of the Korean Institute of Public Finance, Former Tax Advisor to the Korean President
  • Dr Dorel Nasui, CEO of the American International Radio Inc, (AIR), Honorary Consul of Moldova in Illinois, USA
  • Maj (ret’d) Cornel E.Chisu, CD, PMSC, FEC, P.Eng, Former Member of the Parliament of Canada
  • Dr Andris Spruds, Director of the Latvian Institute of International Affairs

The Administrative Council of the Institute for Development of Social Initiatives (IDIS) welcomes the establishment of the IDIS International Advisory Board which will ensure the strategic advice of the Institute in the areas of international affairs, government reforms, national and regional security, social, economic, defense and educational policies.

On the recommendation of the Administrative Council, the IDIS International Advisory Council includes seven recognized personalities for their exceptional merits in the mentioned areas:  

• Ambassador (Ret.) Asif Chaudhry, Dr., Vice President for International Programs, Washington State University, Seattle, Washington, USA

• Dr. Jae-Jin Kim, Senior Fellow, Korea Institute of Public Finance, Member of the Presidential Commission, Seoul, Republic of Korea

• Dr. Adam Eberhardt, Director of the Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW), Warsaw, Poland

• Dr. Dorel Nasui, CEO and President, Founder and owner of the American International Radio Inc, (AIR), The Honorary Council of the Republic of Moldova in Illinois, Chicago, USA

• Dr. Engineer. Cornel E.Chisu, Politician, Former Member of the Parliament of Canada, Toronto, Canada

• Dr. Andris Spruds, Director, Latvian Institute of International Affairs, Riga, Latvia

Veaceslav Pituscan, Visiting Scholar, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. Executive Director, PASS LLC, USA. Former senior Moldovan diplomat.

Members of the International Advisory Council serve for a period of four years, starting in November 2016, interacting with IDIS through various forms of cooperation and direct support.Upon receipt of the acceptance letters from the Administrative Board, Members of the International Advisory Board convene with the IDIS Management team individual frameworks of cooperation, data sharing and areas where they can contribute to boost Institute’s policy contributions and impact.

Members of the International Advisory Board receive from the Management team a pin (IDIS) and a Certificate of the Member of IAB, Annual Report of Institute for 2016 and 2017 Policy Priorities for IDIS. In December 2017, the International Advisory Board Members will convene their first Reunion.

For any further information on IAB, please contact Ana Znacenii (Program Manager) -, or contact IDIS Management team – Dr Igor Munteanu, Executive Director –, or Dr Liubomir Chiriac, Vicedirector -

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