Public procurement

Public procurement

Integrity and transparency in public procurement are essential attributes of good governance in a democratic state. Public procurement is sensitive and at risk of corruption, therefore, requires control and monitoring from civil society in order to protect the public interest of the citizens. IDIS "Viitorul" believes that civil society has an important role in reforming the public procurement system. Therefore, an open dialogue between Government, civil society, and the business community is the key element in this process. Our main objective is to contribute to increased transparency, integrity and efficiency of public procurement in Moldova, but also the society's trust in the fact that public money is used in the public interest.

  • Evaluating the National Agency for Solving Complaints (ANSC) activity
    Year: 2018 Author: Viore Pîrvan
    Reforming the public procurement system is necessary in order to adjust the national system to international standards and connect it to acquis communautaire, pursuant to the commitments assumed by the Republic of Moldova concurrently with ratifcation of the Association Agreement with the European Union. An efcient public procurement process requires not only an appropriate legislative framework, but also a functional and efcient system of judicial redress in the interests of all parties that could provide proper remedies and solutions in the event of legislative deviations and violations. In the result of amendments to the national legal framework on public procurement, a new claim settlement system has been established, and the National Agency for Settlement of Claims has been instituted as a special public administration body mandated to settle claims related to public procurement procedures.
  • Methods to detect and counteract anti-competitive practices within public procurement procedure
    Year: 2018 Author: Viorel Chivriga
    The field of public procurement has significantly advanced during the last period of time. A new Public Procurement Law, a series of government decisions that form the basis of the secondary regulatory framework, the Strategy for Development of Public Procurement System for the years 2016-202 have been approved. On the other hand, new institutional background elements have been created by the National Agency for Settlement of Complaints. Also, at present, one could observe the expansion and development of the electronic procurement system that is an efficient tool to ensure transparency and effectiveness in the field of public procurement.
  • Increase efficiency of public procurement
    Year: 2014 Author: Angela Secrieru
    The public procurement system (PA) in Moldova is currently facing complex problems, which cause as assessed by EBRD (2011), a low level of compliance of the institutional framework and an average level of compliance to the legal framework of AP in Moldova European standards. On the AP, the most pronounced shortcomings are registered at the pre-acquisition (lower line), the other two phases (the auction and post-auction) recording an average line ...
  • Moldova procurement issues, regulations and reforms expected
    Year: 2016 Author: Diana Enachi, Viorel Chivriga
    In the final evaluation report of the national procurement system, by the World Bank in 2010, elucidated some aspects of the legal framework should be improved, including: the lack of clear criteria for the assessment of price and quality in the selection of tenders by contracting authorities, lack of clear instructions on how contracting authorities should include measures to prevent fraud and corruption in the bidding documents, the lack of provisions that define conflict of interest and to avoid its rules ...
  • Monitoring report on public procurement: weaknesses identified and policy recommendations
    Year: 2016 Author: Diana Enachi, Viorel Chivriga
    Public procurement in Moldova plays an increasingly important role in the economy. The value of public contracts made by the Public Procurement Agency (PPA) in 2014 totaled 11538.4 million. Lei, representing about 10.3% of GDP (111 757 mil. €). Organizing procurement procedures transparent, non-discriminatory, open and competitive is a prerequisite for quality public services and investment ...
  • Creating Agency for Solving Complaints - a new stage in the development of public procurement system
    Year: 2016 Author: Diana Enachi
    The remedies in the AP guarantee transparency, integrity and efficiency in the use of public resources. This system contributes to the implementation of AP policies, while protecting the interests of the private sector. Unsuccessful bidders procurement procedures should be seen as a special category of contestants, especially due to the challenges facing the opposite of protecting the basic principles of public procurement - transparency and fair competition ...

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