Buletin EU-STRAT

Buletin EU-STRAT

Programul EU-STRAT reprezintă acronimul unui titlu mai larg ”The EU and Eastern Partnership Countries: An Inside-Out Analysis and Strategic Assessment” (EU-STRAT), care-și propune să studieze relația UE cu statele Parteneriatului Estic, cercetând o serie de factori, actori, tendințe și procese sectoriale, care au impact semnificativ asupra situației politicii UE în Europa de Est. 


  • The Elements of Russia’s Soft Power: Channels, Tools, and Actors Promoting Russian Influence in the Eastern Partnership Countries
    Anul: 2017 Autor: EU-STRAT
    Soft power can be exerted by a variety of actors using different channels and tools. This paper focuses on actors and channels transmitting Russian messages and discourses in the Eastern Partnership countries. It contributes to enhancing our understanding of Russian influences in the region in two ways. First, it maps the network of influential actors who have the potential to transmit Russian messages and target various audiences.
  • The EU’s communication with Eastern Partnership countries
    Anul: 2017 Autor: EU-STRAT
    Since the Eastern Partnership (EaP) was launched in 2009, the European Union (EU) has highlighted three major objectives of the initiative: stability, security, and prosperity. These catch words have laid the foundation for activities in the EaP framework and the EU has used a number of instruments to achieve them, such as supporting structural reforms, deepening economic cooperation, and reaching out to the public. But are these goals also reflected in the EU’s communication with EaP countries? Do political and societal actors on the ground receive these messages? While empirical developments cast doubt on the consistency of both the sending and receiving end, there is little systematic knowledge on how the EU communicates with EaP countries and how these messages are received; a research gap that EU-STRAT seeks to close.
  • Pro-Russian turn of preservation of ”oligarhic” status quo? Moldova aftre presidential election
    Anul: 2017 Autor: EU-STRAT
    On the 13 of November the second round of Moldova”s first direct presidential electtion since 1999 took place. Igor Dodon the leader of the pro-Russian party of Socialist of the Republic of Moldova was announced the winer eith 52,11 per cent of the vote.
  • Welcome to EU-STRAT
    Anul: 2016 Autor: EU-STRAT
    Welcome to the fisrt edition off our newsletter that infrom you about lunch of EU-STRAT (The EU and Eastern Partnership Countries: and inside out Analyses and Strategic Assesment)

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