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IDIS Report: Local governments in Moldova are overdue to ensure open communication with citizens
Local authorities are overdue in developing rules for participation in the decision making process, informing citizens on matters of public interest and publication of asset declarations of elected representatives. It concludes the report "Local Open Government for active and informed citizens", presented on June 27, by the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) "Viitorul".
 27.06.2016   288 

Moldova needs a modern procurement system and with equal opportunities for business
National public procurement system in Moldova is facing a low degree of transparency and competitiveness. It is also about the low level of compliance with the legal and institutional framework. Public procurement is an area conducive to fraud and abuse. Meanwhile, any loss of public procurement affects the development of infrastructure and public services, while lead and deteriorating business environment and the effect on quality of life. These are the main findings of the report on public procurement in Moldova, presented on June 17, by IDIS “Viitorul” experts.
 17.06.2016   241 

Experts from Chisinau and Tiraspol discussed the banking system, the insurance system and the trade in goods and services on both sides of the Dniester
IDIS "Viitorul" hosted a roundtable where issues of trade in goods and services, financial and banking relationships between economic and security on both sides of the Dniester were discussed. The talks were organized by IDIS "Viitorul", supported by the Romanian Embassy and UNDP, the project ”Boosting confidence measures between Chisinau and Tiraspol”.
 10.06.2016   143 

Students from Calarasi were colleagues for a day to town councilors. See how the meeting was held
Students from Calarasi participated during May 23 to 27 at a civic engagement project to better understand how local government works and what are the mechanisms of democratic participation in the decision-making process. So far, the project was carried out in two towns, namely Ialoveni and Straseni.
 07.06.2016   208 

IDIS Studies: reindustrialization of the country and the clustering process - engines of economic growth
IDIS "Viitorul" presented Thursday, June 2, two studies on the industrialization of Moldova and the cluster development policies in Moldova, written by IDIS expert, Ion Tornea.
 03.06.2016   205 

Economic stability in 2016: More obstacles than remedies
IDIS "Viitorul" presented Thursday, June 2, a new edition of "Economic Outlook", which makes a systematical evaluation on main events and socio-economic trends for 2015-2016.
 02.06.2016   233 

Students from Straseni, local councilors for a day
Proposed, debated and voted on several initiatives to community problems. It's about students from high schools "M. Eminescu "and" I. Vatamanu" from Straseni, who became local councilors for a day, thus can more easily understand how decisions are made at local level. The activity took place on 19 and May 27.
 01.06.2016   176 

What new provisions are included in the law on public procurement?
IDIS "Viitorul" held a workshop on public procurement. The activity takes place within the project "Building a transparent and sustainable public procurement by a permanent monitoring process" funded by PASOS.
 31.05.2016   307 

IDIS „Viitorul” presents a new issue of the newsletter “Equality without discrepancies”
Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) "Viitorul" presents a new issue of the Newsletter “Equality without discrepancies”. The publication appears within the project "Raising awareness of gender balance in the political and business space". The Newsletter identifies and promotes success stories of women working in the economic and political field, opportunities and obstacles they face.
 30.05.2016   142 

IDIS experts discussed the role and importance of elected with representatives from Ialoveni
Thursday, May 26, IDIS experts held a seminar on “Strengthening local autonomy by increasing professionalism of newly elected in Moldova”, funded by the Hanns Seidel Foundation, with the participation of the rayon administration, mayors and civil servants.
 26.05.2016   174 
The second workshop of the „Mapping out vulnerable sectors in the Eastern Partnership countries”, sponsored by the International Visegrad Fund is to be held on 17th September in Chisinau. The workshop is organized by the IDIS Viitorul, Moldova and the
Regional Networking Event: Civil Society Facility Projects Will Meet In Moldova
Around 200 civil society representatives will meet in Chisinau this summer for a Regional Networking Event titled: How we empower civil society? Obstacles, Opportunities, Impact. During the two days on 22-23 of June the beneficiaries from the Civil Society Facility both from the Eastern Partnership countries and EU will have the opportunity to share their experiences, meet new partners and discuss best practices and lessons learnt in various fields of EU-funded projects. The meeting will take place in an open space format,