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Report//Local authorities in Moldova don’t respect transparency rules
Local authorities are overdue in developing rules for participation in the decision-making process, informing citizens on matters of public interest and publication of asset declarations of elected representatives. It concludes the report "Open Local Government for active and informed citizens", presented on October 11, by the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) "Viitorul".
 12.10.2016   160 

Women from underrepresented groups, trained to develop their leadership skills
30 women leaders from underrepresented groups participated on 8 and 9 September, at the first training organized within the Complex training program to strengthen their skills.
 12.09.2016   415 

Moldova to a new political crossroads. A special panel of strategic discussions in Economic Forum in Krynica (Poland), organized by IDIS and OSW
On September 8, 2016, the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) organized, at the Economic Forum in Krynica-Zdroj, Malopolska voivodship in Poland, a public debate on topics relevant to the challenges of political, economic and security of Moldova in 2016.
 12.09.2016   221 

IDIS „Viitorul” presents the 10th issue of the newsletter “Equality without discrepancies”
In this issue you can read an interview with Victoria Danila, a mom who invented clothes for premature babies. Because she could not find suitable clothes for her baby born before term, she decided to design one.
 06.09.2016   129 

Public procurement system has no competitiveness and transparency
The national public procurement system in Moldova is facing a number of issues related to both the low level of transparency and competitive on procurement market, and a low level of compliance with the legal and institutional framework. These are the conclusions of the monitoring report of public procurement "Weaknesses identified and policy recommendations", signed by IDIS experts Diana Enachi and Viorel Chivriga. "One of the biggest problems of the national procurement system is poor and ineffective planning, and, especially, non-transparent
 02.09.2016   328 

Modern infrastructure brings municipalities from Hincesti rayon closer to Europe
The modernization of the infrastructure is a priority for local authorities from Hincesti. Best practices in this region are complemented by a new bypass road of regional significance, a system of water supply for two thousand households and an open air stage for carrying out cultural events.
 30.08.2016   152 

Valeni, Vinogradovca and Vulcanesti - examples of solidarity and sustainable local development
The tradition of baking bread, creative and physical development conditions for kids and energy efficiency at the greatest kindergarten in Gagauzia. These are the best practices that make Valeni, Vinogradovca and Vulcanesti to be proud of.
 26.08.2016   159 

Villages from Leova rayon, champions at promoting a healthy lifestyle
In these localities in Moldova you can see diligently, projects implemented and institutions modernized. It’s about Filipeni and Sarata Noua villages from Leova rayon, where the entire community was united to change the image of municipalities and create better conditions for young generations.
 24.08.2016   185 

Local economic development, a sustainable investment for Larga and Edinet
Edinet town and Larga village from Briceni rayon invested in economic development projects to give residents a better future. In these localities, public services for the marketing of regional agricultural production have been improved, created and connected to the infrastructure the first greenfield industrial park in Moldova, the social taxi launched and the sanitation service modernized.
 19.08.2016   183 

IDIS „Viitorul” presents the 9th issue of the newsletter “Equality without discrepancies”
In this issue you can read 10 statistical profiles of women from Moldova, about launching a campaign to promote the success stories of Roma women from our country.
 17.08.2016   142 
The second workshop of the „Mapping out vulnerable sectors in the Eastern Partnership countries”, sponsored by the International Visegrad Fund is to be held on 17th September in Chisinau. The workshop is organized by the IDIS Viitorul, Moldova and the
Regional Networking Event: Civil Society Facility Projects Will Meet In Moldova
Around 200 civil society representatives will meet in Chisinau this summer for a Regional Networking Event titled: How we empower civil society? Obstacles, Opportunities, Impact. During the two days on 22-23 of June the beneficiaries from the Civil Society Facility both from the Eastern Partnership countries and EU will have the opportunity to share their experiences, meet new partners and discuss best practices and lessons learnt in various fields of EU-funded projects. The meeting will take place in an open space format,