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Business people are heard, but not listened
National Business Agenda (NBA) held today, September 25, the Sixth Annual Conference on the dialogue between authorities and businesses.
 25.09.2014   233 

Behavior of the Parliament members, in the view of experts
IDIS "Viitorul" held on Tuesday, September 23, the public debate entitled "Ethics and the conduct of MPs. Improving the credibility and legitimacy of the Romanian Parliament, the Moldovan Parliament and the Parliament of Georgia".
 23.09.2014   247 

Residents of Taraclia: "Europeans will not clean up our yard"
IDIS “Viitorul” team continues the information campaign on the process of European integration. Today, September 18, the team went to Taraclia, where the experts talked to people about the EU - expectations, myths, benefits, risks. These These were reflected by those 45 cartoons showing comparison of the EU and the reality in Moldova in various fields. The most popular were the cartoons that reflect the situation of pensioners, justice and the life expectancy in Moldova compared to the European Union.
 19.09.2014   132 

The first Inter-Community Cooperation Association of Gagauz Yeri was created
On September 16, 2014, within a joint meeting, Local Councils from Congaz, Chioselia Rusa and Cotovscoe have adopted the package of decisions on establishment and management of joint utilities from these three localities, by founding the first inter-community association in Gagauzia. In this sense, the municipal enterprise from Congaz will be completely reorganized and modernized. It will be capable technically and financially to contribute to the Europeanization of the living conditions of the citizens from these three localities.
 18.09.2014   93 

Residents of Stefan Voda believe that "Europe is living well"
IDIS “Viitorul" continues the series of street Universiade. Sunday, September 14, IDIS team discussed the process of European integration with residents of Stefan Voda. Experts explained the European integration process of our country, the provisions of the Association Agreement, expectations, benefits, myths. These were reflected by those 45 cartoons showing comparison of the EU and the reality in Moldova in various fields.
 15.09.2014   104 
Call for applications for civil society leaders
Leaders of civil society organizations are welcome to apply for participation in a new capacity development programme financed through the EU –funded Neighbourhood Civil Society Facility and implemented by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) “Viitorul”.
Application for Carl Friedrich Goerdeler Kolleg for Good Governance 2014-2015
Are you working in the public sector or in business? Would you like to enhance your professional qualification and expand your network of committed Europeans? Do you want to develop and implement new ideas and innovative concepts? Than apply for the Goerdeler Kolleg for Good Governance. More details here