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Original initiatives for local progress in Varnita, Ucrainca and Ermoclia
Varnita, Ucrainca and Ermoclia are three municipalities from different districts, but with common objectives. Perseverance to succeed and provide quality services to citizens is what unites these localities and also makes them unique in the implementation of innovative ideas.
 13.08.2015   253 

Viorel Chivriga: without a strong business community, the country will continue to stagnate
IDIS “Viitorul” carried out a national information campaign on DCFTA. The target group of beneficiaries of the campaign include Agriculture Directorates district officials, representatives of business associations from 32 districts of the country, non-governmental organizations in the agriculture and employees of the institutions under the Ministry of Agriculture.
 12.08.2015   235 

Mayor of Peresecina: "Information is the only way toward a modern democratic society"
A Center for information and public services in Singerei, a local radio which mobilizes villagers from Peresecina to participate in the decision-making process and an upgraded sewer system modernized through concession in Balti are good practices that made these municipalities from the North and Center of the country remarkable.
 10.08.2015   236 

Northern Region - leader in implementation of innovations at the local level
They are using innovations to supply people with drinking water, keep alive ancestral tradition, promotes entrepreneurs in the region and teach young people to think smart. It's about municipalities from the North who have managed to excel through best practices that deserve to be appreciated and replicated by local authorities.
 07.08.2015   280 

Free press against the propaganda
IDIS "Viitorul" held on Monday, August 3, discussions on information security and the role of media and civil society against the propaganda. The discussions were moderated by Igor Munteanu, President of the Administrative Council of IDIS "Viitorul" and supported by Oana Serafim, director of the Radio Free Europe Moldova and Martha Bayles, writer and art critic, media, cultural policy in the US, contributor to Wall Street Journal, the Weekly Standard, etc.
 04.08.2015   214      MUNTEANU Igor

IDIS "Viitorul" and the EU Delegation in Moldova held a training for consortia that have passed the first stage of the program Civil Society Organisations and Local Authorities - CSO-LA
IDIS "Viitorul" and the EU Delegation in Moldova held a training for consortia who have applied for European program Civil society organizations and local authorities. Participants passed the first stage within which best seven concepts were selected, and after the next step only requests that will meet all the eligibility criteria, which will accumulate the highest score and will be financed within the limits financial will be selected. The total amount available for this call is 1 250 000 euro.
 03.08.2015   92 

Increasing energy tariffs - a too expensive decision for vulnerable families
This conclusion was reached by the participants attending the round table held on 30 July. The event aimed to discuss the reasons for the increase of electricity tariff and gas and to propose sustainable solutions for vulnerable populations in Chisinau who cannot afford paying energy bills.
 31.07.2015   295 

Civil society representativesfrom Moldova were informed about the procedure to apply for European grants on human rights
Representatives of 37 NGOs from across the country attended an information session that will help to apply for the EIDHR thematic program (European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights - European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights).
 27.07.2015   99 

Quality public services for citizens from the South of republic
The solutions used by local authorities from Cimislia and Cahul to empower people and to provide quality services have been known by representatives of Best Practices Programme for local authorities, who have visited these towns.
 24.07.2015   191 

Europe, closer to the citizens of Ungheni and Calarasi
It is the first town in Moldova that has all LED traffic lights and road traffic school patrols. It is about Ungheni, the "Western capital" of the country. Ungheni, Zagarancea and Tuzara from Calarasi district had been visited by the Best Practices Programme team to see how the best initiatives at community level are implemented.
 20.07.2015   247 
Regional Networking Event: Civil Society Facility Projects Will Meet In Moldova
Around 200 civil society representatives will meet in Chisinau this summer for a Regional Networking Event titled: How we empower civil society? Obstacles, Opportunities, Impact. During the two days on 22-23 of June the beneficiaries from the Civil Society Facility both from the Eastern Partnership countries and EU will have the opportunity to share their experiences, meet new partners and discuss best practices and lessons learnt in various fields of EU-funded projects. The meeting will take place in an open space format,