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News and Events

Head of EU Delegation in Moldova, Pirkka Tapiola, together with IDIS experts spoke with citizens of Balti about Moldova's EU integration
IDIS “Viitorul” team continued the caravan of "public universiade" in which it discussed with citizens about European integration of our country, in Balti, Sunday, July 6. This time, the team was accompanied by HE Pirkka Tapiola, Head of EU Delegation in Moldova.
 07.07.2014   289 

IDIS “Viitorul” had started at Edinet a campaign promoting European values
IDIS “Viitorul” team organized the first "public universiade" in which it discussed with citizens about European integration of our country, about the provisions of the Association Agreement, expectations, benefits, myths. The first public meeting was held in Edinet, on Saturday, July 5. However, an exhibition of 45 cartoons showing comparison of the EU and the reality in Moldova in various fields was held.
 06.07.2014   213 

Comparative analysis of electricity prices in the RM and in the region (Romania, Ukraine)
IDIS „Viitorul” presents a new edition of the Foreign Policy Statewatch, signed by the expert, Corina Gaibu, entitled „Comparative analysis of electricity prices in the RM and in the region (Romania, Ukraine)”.
 04.07.2014   191 

Best Practices Programme promotes the European experience in local government
Members of the Steering Committee Group of the Best Practices Programme 2012 - 2013 met Wednesday, July 2, in a working meeting to asses the best practices in the country. The working group includes representatives of associations of mayors, representatives from the Government of the Republic of Moldova, the USAID project "Local Government Reform", local authorities representatives and IDIS "Viitorul" experts. Steering Committee Group of the Best Practices Program aims to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the Best Practices Programme, to oversee the evaluation and selection of the best practices of local authorities.
 03.07.2014   404 

Civil society appreciated the reform in the justice system
IDIS "Viitorul" held Friday, June 27 the Round Table "Monitoring the implementation of the justice sector reform strategy". The event was organized within the project "Civil Society. Dialogue for Progress ", funded by the EU.
 30.06.2014   169 
European Debates
Young political leaders discuss about the professionalism of local elected officials and the advocacy reform
Tuesday, on May 22, young political leaders of the Political Training School met to discuss their research topics being moderated by the IDIS “Viitorul” expert, Leonid Litra.
23.05.2012   5506
Economic Debates
Call for applications for civil society leaders
Leaders of civil society organizations are welcome to apply for participation in a new capacity development programme financed through the EU –funded Neighbourhood Civil Society Facility and implemented by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) “Viitorul”.
Application for Carl Friedrich Goerdeler Kolleg for Good Governance 2014-2015
Are you working in the public sector or in business? Would you like to enhance your professional qualification and expand your network of committed Europeans? Do you want to develop and implement new ideas and innovative concepts? Than apply for the Goerdeler Kolleg for Good Governance. More details here