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Business and political parties discussed the problems and priorities of business in Moldova
National Business Agenda (NBA) held a round table with representatives of political parties and business. Although were invited several political parties, including those from the Parliament, only the Liberal Party, the Liberal Reformist Party, Political Party "Patria" and the Socialist Party accepted the invitation. Business representatives wanted to know to what extent politicians will take into account business opinion and how the cooperation between political class and business will proceed. During the discussions several issues facing businesses in Moldova were addressed, the
 21.11.2014   67 

Moldova and Transnistria: common problems and social and economic solutions
IDIS Viitorul expert presented Thursday, November 20, the common problems of Moldova and Transnistria in social and economic terms. The conclusions and recommendations were presented in three papers. These occurred as a result of three workshops held in March-April this year, with experts from Tiraspol.   "The most important aspect is that the ideas presented today are the effort of joint discussions with experts from Transnistria. Often, the views were different, but we managed to have common solutions. In these studies we
 21.11.2014   80 

Ghenadie Mocanu: What important should I do on November 30, 2014?
We are on the eve of elections … We are on the eve of parliamentary elections. It is time for everyone to decide for himself what he wants from electoral candidates. Each will make its choice. Only once every four years we have the opportunity to decide our future and the future of our children. Despite the perpetuation of democratic values in Moldova, we see a serious decline in turnout. If the first elections in 1994 were participating 79.31% of the
 19.11.2014   78 

Veaceslav Berbeca: In parliamentary elections every vote counts
On 30 November 2014, Moldovan citizens are called to the polls to express their electoral preferences. Participation in large numbers of people in elections is necessary, as the wishes and the problems of citizens can be heard. Even if, on various occasions, we hear statements such that a vote or a few dozen votes meant nothing in the final statement of the election results, we must understand that the parliamentary elections are the principal element of expression of the will
 18.11.2014   57 

Carolina Ungureanu: Elections - sine qua non conditions of democratic governance
In democratic regimes, political system and society are integrated through three political institutions - representative democracy, universal suffrage and political parties. The metaphor of "the people hold supreme power in the state" means that the power comes from the people and is realized through its representatives, elected for a period strictly limited (for four years) on the basis of universal, equal, direct, secret and freely expressed suffrage, participation in elections being free (voluntary). Nobody has the right to exert pressure
 17.11.2014   37 
Call for applications for civil society leaders
Leaders of civil society organizations are welcome to apply for participation in a new capacity development programme financed through the EU –funded Neighbourhood Civil Society Facility and implemented by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) “Viitorul”.
Application for Carl Friedrich Goerdeler Kolleg for Good Governance 2014-2015
Are you working in the public sector or in business? Would you like to enhance your professional qualification and expand your network of committed Europeans? Do you want to develop and implement new ideas and innovative concepts? Than apply for the Goerdeler Kolleg for Good Governance. More details here